Redken Haircolor

Transform yourself with color. Turn the world into your runway.
Get the look you want with Redken Color. Redken offers a range of products to deliver vibrant, shiny results. Jennifer will examine the condition of your hair and create a custom formulation using the Redken product that is appropriate for you. Using advanced application techniques, she will help you get amazing salon color.

What does Redken Haircolor offer?
Whether you want to take a few years off by blending away gray, or you’re looking for a fashionable new look, Redken Color products, along with Jennifer’s expertise, will get you the results you desire. She will work with you to develop your custom color formulation following your color consultation.

Color Your Hair In a Salon Because…
Your hair is your best fashion accessory—when it looks amazing, so do you. Salon color offers you versatility and customized options to deliver the look you want. Coloring your hair not only makes it shinier and sexier, it can even improve its condition. You don’t need to make a drastic change—even a subtle color enhancement can make a big difference in your look. Jennifer is focused on the latest trends and has the skill and creativity to customize the look for you. Using professional products in a salon setting gives you access to the newest techniques and advances in color science.

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